Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ten Foods that LIE!

My favorite website Cooking Light has a great article that I must share with you... "10 Foods That Sound Healthy (But Aren't)." Um... you should totally read it here because you WILL be surprised! Here is a rundown of the top ten foods that will trick you into believing they are good for your waistline. Who knew food could be a little liar!

1. Multi-grain and Wheat Bread
2. Prepared Salads
3. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
4. "Energy" Bars
5. Bran Muffins
6. Smoothies
7. Packaged Turkey
8. Foods labeled "Fat-Free"
9. Restaurant Baked Potatoes
10. Sports Drinks

Okay, here are some of my comments on this list....and then I want to hear yours!
  • I rarely order a salad from a restaurant with everything that is listed on the menu. And when I do order a salad it isn't always because I am trying to watch my figure. Usually there are some sneaky little guys in prepared salads that make the big bowl not so healthy.
    • For example, tortilla strips should never be put in a salad - they are high in fat.
    • Dressing should always be on the side - if your lettuce is drowning than you are ingesting nothing but a bowl of mayo.
  • I know reduced fat peanut butter isn't good for you b/c of all the sugar but I don't care. I love it!
  • "Energy" bars are a waste of time b/c they NEVER fill me up and always give me a tummy ache.
  • Muffins sold in grocery stores are the devil. They taste so good but they are SO bad for you.
  • Packaged turkey makes me nauseous - its slimy and so not fresh. Do yourself a favor and wait in the deli counter line and order something low sodium.
  • A fully loaded baked potato should be a meal in itself - not a side item. Sour cream, cheese, butter, bacon bits = heart attack.


  1. * I still think people buying wheat bread and multi-grain bread, if they're genuinely what they're advertising and not "wonder wheat bread", I think is a good idea.

    * I'll eat a prepared salad because there's no soy in a garden salad! I also keep the dressing on the side and dip my fork in it, it helps keep the mayo and soy content down!

    * Reduced fat peanut butter and PB2 are the crack of my life. Don't make an addict quit!

    * Hodgson's Mill makes a good bran muffin mix, the nutritional stats don't look too terrible!

    * We make smoothies weekly - I like pineapple, banana, and strawberry smoothies! I use fresh berries that are about to go nasty or Dole frozen chunks. I still believe half this list is healthy if you make it yourself!

    * Loaded baked potatoes are awesome, but I agree - they are a meal by themselves, but generally have some mixed veggies on the side in our house!

    * Sports drinks. Blech. I'd rather spend my calories on a coffee drink!

  2. Thanks for the link to that article. An interesting read. . . but I love loaded baked potatoes and fat-free gummy bears and Gobstoppers! :( How sad. I wish fresh and healthy foods weren't so expensive!

  3. i agree with brown eyed girl about dipping the fork in salad dressing thing...great way to reduce calorise. i also have them take away the cheese and just put pepper and sometimes salt on them! but about your red onion, potato and goat cheese pizza...are those stats per slice (1/12th of pizza?)