Friday, April 23, 2010

My new favorite cookbook...

The Cape Cod Cookbook by Jerome Ruben

I picked up this gem at the local library last night. Cape Cod means a lot to me... it was my Grandmother's favorite place, my dad's childhood vacation spot, and most importantly...where The Bears got engaged! When I saw this book shoved between some Southern cookbooks on a shelf, I quickly stuffed in into my library bag before anyone could snatch it up (b/c everyone looks Yankee cooking obviously).
  So last night, in good cookbook reviewing fashion, I snuggled up into the corner of the couch with a notebook and pen, prepared to write down some of my favorite recipes. From this list I will choose some recipes to try out, and others to copy into my own personal recipe book for later use. After I realized I had recorded the page numbers of the first 30 recipes, I decided that it was more than likely I was going to love 90% of the 210 recipes the book offered. Mr. Bear is going to be thrilled when he sees this...
I like to make a two week dinner menu before I make my list for the grocery store - I usually have breakfast and lunch suggestions on the menu as well. This weekend I will be making the most delicious menu yet! Obviously it is going to be based on the bestest, most mouth-watering, and financially practical recipes I have found in this incredible cookbook.
 I will most definitely post the winners when the Bear's Two Week Dinner Menu is complete!

Ooo... but wait... there is a Raspberry Breakfast Cake that might have to make an appearance one morning! Perhaps I will be making menus for more than one meal of the day...


  1. Okay, that list cracks me up!!! I want to come and move in with you and Mr. Bear... just for you to feed me (oh and we can eat the fluff and drink wine too!)
    I can't wait to see what you come up with :) That Mr. Bear sure is lucky!

  2. Wow! You are awesome! And I totally need to check out that cookbook. Do they sell it in the South? :)